Redo The Todo

I have been thinking a lot about resistance this week and how cleverly it finds its way into our minds despite all efforts to keep it at bay. Even when we feel we have all the tools and knowledge to tackle it. Even after learning about it by reading ‘The War of Art’ and finishing altMBA.

I look at my weekly goals and the ones that are left unfinished are decidedly the ones where I am running away or hiding from the emotional labor.

Deep down, we know this.

Yet we let our minds play tricks on us. We make lists that are easy to accomplish and then gloat in those accomplishments. We make excuses. We postpone. We ship something that is just a tad bit harder than our normal and hide behind that - after all we shipped, didn’t we? Don’t we deserve a break now? We even write posts like this to “address” resistance and pretend that we have actually overcome it. But talking about resistance is not the same as actually overcoming it.

This is where an accountability buddy can help. Someone who can see what we are refusing to see. So go find an accountability buddy. Share with them your worst fears. Then work on it.

What we fear most is usually what we most need to do.

It’s time to redo your todo list.