Working on my team's Charter and Purpose

We have multiple data teams at Beat, working across the spectrum of data lifecycle. An interesting fallout of this topology is that sometimes boundaries between teams get blurred and teams lose clarity about where they fit in the larger scheme of things or what value they should be delivering in order to maximize their ROI. Teams that have undergone reorganization also carry over some legacy from the past which blurs their core definition even further.

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Engineering Management vs Coaching

The Engineering Manager (EM) role is rather broadly defined, the definition varying from one place to the other. If you are looking to get hired/promoted into this role, make sure you understand how the company you apply to sees this role.

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16 fundamental principles for transforming data in a warehouse

The current discourse on data can get a little tiring because of its over focus on tooling. It feels like a new SaaS gets launched every week in the data space. This, however, should not be at the cost of establishing basic, first-principles understanding of data engineering.

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Redo The Todo

I have been thinking a lot about resistance this week and how cleverly it finds its way into our minds despite all efforts to keep it at bay. Even when we feel we have all the tools and knowledge to tackle it. Even after learning about it by reading ‘The War of Art’ and finishing altMBA.

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Is there a better word for "Thought Leader" ?

Words have meanings. They help us communicate. It’s language.

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Electric Dreams

I dreamt about a different world yesterday. With a different physics. And biology. To move from one point to another, for example, the space in my dream world would explode into a billion splinters and reassemble to put you at your destination.

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2021 Predictions: Data and Analytics

Here are my predictions for “Data” in 2021.

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Life lessons from a year of cooking at home

A short list »
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Manager Feedback - 65 questions

I was looking for a set of questions to include in a feedback form that I wanted to send out to my team for a 360 degree feedback. I did a little bit of research but could not find any definitive set of questions that was broad enough to thoroughly cover multiple aspects of management.

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Data Team Roadmap

This is a post about my experience creating a 2021 roadmap for my team at Omio. I say data team in the title but perhaps it’s more apt for a data engineering team such as the one I am leading. It’s that time of the year again when some of us start building a mental map of what’s next. My shower time was consumed by exactly these kind of thoughts for the last few weeks so I decided to put all of it on paper.

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Guiding principles for a data engineering team

All good engineering teams should be rooted in a core set of values. These values act as the north-star for the team and enable it to align its activities with meaningful business outcomes.

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How to get the best out of Career Coaching

Once you find the right career coach, it takes some effort to make the experience effective and rewarding. Here are a few tips.

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How we migrated our data warehouse from Redshift to BigQuery

We recently migrated our data warehouse at Omio from AWS Redshift to Google BigQuery.

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