Electric Dreams

I dreamt about a different world yesterday. With a different physics. And biology. To move from one point to another, for example, the space in my dream world would explode into a billion splinters and reassemble to put you at your destination.

None of this is particularly important or new. But what is is the fact that even if I tried, my imagination would never create something like this consciously. And I have a very active imagination.

The conscious brain forever copies and steals and gets inspired by the world around me - by the stuff I consume. My subconscious brain though, sometimes reaches a realm of self computation where it starts building unimaginable realities. I wonder if this is the same experience that some hallucinogens induce.

My experience with meditation

I am not an expert meditator. In fact I rarely meditate. When I do, I practice mindfulness meditation which asks one to “observe” the present moment or the passing thought without judgement. And so, I sit down and close my eyes and start watching the thoughts go by. One, after another, after another….


Once in a while though, a strange phenomenon happens. I become aware of myself observing the stream of thoughts - somewhat like a doppelgänger.


As I continue meditating, these “personalities” keep multiplying till infinity and I reach the following state.


Each “me” is observing another “me” observing another “me” observing another till infinity. The sensation is akin to how one might feel when standing between mirrors.

/assets/electric_dreams/inception.jpg Inception by Christopher Nolan

What’s even more wonderful and mind-boggling is that throughout this state, there is also an “outsider me” who is “observing” all the others from a distance.


All of this happens in a matter of a split second. I can hold this state for a maximum of a few seconds before I freak out and break the meditation. The outsider me, I think, is the real me. It is the one writing this post, for example.

This is not trance. Perhaps the exact opposite of it. I like to think of it as an elevated state of consciousness. See also this paper for a more scientific discourse on Altered states of consciousness (ASC).

The point of all this is to say that the brain has a mind of its own.

relativity Relativity by M.C. Escher