Life lessons from a year of cooking at home

/assets/cooking/f1.jpg Photo Courtesy: BoiledBean Studio

A short list:

  • Less is more.
  • Apprentice, practice, Journeyman, practice, Master, practice¹.
  • Before you start, close your eyes and pre-visualize the end result².
  • Master one dish really well.
  • It takes an hour to prepare and ten minutes to consume. The process is the purpose.
  • Use simple but purposeful tools. Keep them clean and shining.
  • Always taste your food.
  • Adding is easier than subtracting. That said, subtracting can be learned.
  • Let the food breath.
  • Accidents will happen.
  • Skills, confidence, comfort, creativity and practice are the keys to mastery.
  • Mindfulness is important. Flow is even more important.
  • Precision is important. Intuition is even more important.
  • Best inspiration comes from the most unassuming teachers.
  • You are alone in the kitchen. No one can see you³.


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